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Silesian Confrontations of Lost Fencing Arts (Śląskie Konfrontacje Utraconych Nauk Kunsztu Szermierczego ŚKUNKS) is an event which aims at the promotion of Historical European Martial Arts, as well as enabling the practicioners of HEMA to confront their skills during tournaments in timed cutting, historical wrestling, longsword, and langes messer, in accordance with the regulations of the Polish Federation of Historical Martial Arts FEDER. The exchange of experiences in the scope of  the interpretation of treatises during discussions, sparrings o experimental competitions with the use of various weapons are the main aims assumed by the organizers. The event, organized in Rybnik in Poland, is currently the only such event in Silesia and one of the few in Poland. Thanks to the  enthusiasm of the organizers the Confrontations in Rybnik have become a yearly international event.

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